Teeth whitening

We present answers to frequent asked questions concerning teeth whitening.

Why is the tooth whitening done?

White teeth and a nice smile determine the appearance of a person and influence his or her mood. A discolored tooth in the front section adversely affects the appearance and often the psyche. In many cases it is possible to brighten the tooth satisfactorily. The whitening effect depends primarily on the cause of the discoloration.

As with many diseases, prevention is the best treatment. For example, do not give children antibiotics from the tetracycline group, do not overdose fluoride. Smokers or those who consume tooth-colouring products should brush them frequently.

What is the procedure like for teeth whitening in the dental surgery?

We use a chemically activated gel for professional whitening and de-inking of dental tissue in a dental surgery. It enables quick and safe whitening of teeth during one visit to the dental surgery, without the use of overlays. Thanks to its maximum oxidation activity and neutral pH 7,0 it is very effective and at the same time does not damage the enamel.

Chemical activation enables maximum effectiveness of the whitening agent, and additional activation with light is unnecessary. Many scientific studies have shown that the activation of whitening gels with light does not enhance the whitening effect, but can cause adverse effects. When teeth are exposed to light, they are dehydrated, which causes the illusion of whiter teeth. However, this is a temporary effect.

The treatment lasts up to 1.5 hours. After protecting the gums with a special agent, a whitening gel is applied to the teeth, which is removed after several minutes. This operation is repeated 2-3 times until the desired effect is obtained.

What is the procedure like for whitening dead, endodontically treated teeth?

It happens that a dead tooth that has been canalically treated darkens over time. This is a serious aesthetic problem when it comes to the front teeth, which are visible when you smile. Such a tooth can be whitened.

We use excellent material for comfortable, effective and safe whitening of dead teeth using the internal method with the use of a chamber insert in the method of walking bleach. It allows to achieve good aesthetic effect in case of discolored dead teeth without aggressive prosthetic treatment.

Dead tooth whitening involves reopening and reworking the tooth chamber. An X-ray is taken to assess the validity of root canal treatment. After placing a whitening preparation inside the crown, the tooth is closed with a temporary dressing. The whitening preparation is changed every few days until the desired effect is obtained. After whitening is completed, the tooth chamber is closed with a light-curing filling.