Dental surgery equipment

Our dental surgery is equipped with modern medical devices allowing for comfortable treatment of patients and work of medical staff. There are two modern dental workstations in the surgery.

Digital Radiographic Physiography (X-ray)

Modern digital radio-physiography allows for taking and analyzing intraoral radiological pictures.

Two dental units

Attractive design, high comfort for the patient and ergonomics of work for the doctor.

Air conditioning

Comfort at any time of day or year.

Ultrasonic scaling device

Taking care of a beautiful smile includes removing plaque deposits by ultrasound vibrations.

Dental sandblasting

Removal of stains, plaque and scale particles from the tooth surface by jetting pressurised water with the addition of cleaning particles

Endodontic contra-angle with endometer

Precise and safe endodontic treatment.

Intraoral camera

Assessment of the condition of the patient's teeth and gums with great precision. Diagnosis of the smallest changes in the teeth and gums.

Wireless polymerization lamp

Immediate bonding effect and the highest aesthetic standards.

Autoclave for sterilization of instruments

It ensures the sterility of tools and guarantees the safety of treatments performed.