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Why is it worth filling in the gaps left by the removed tooth?

Each tooth has its own precise location in the dental arch. It contacts its right and left neighbours as well as opposing teeth. After tooth loss, the others aim at contact with another tooth, which is manifested by their tilting towards the gap. There are unsightly gaps between the teeth, which causes inflammation of the gums. In addition, bones and gums disappear. The opposing tooth slides upwards and becomes overloaded, which in time results in its loosening and loss. Abnormal occlusion occurs, which results in changes and pain in the temporomandibular joint.

Dental prosthetics supplements missing teeth and reconstructs damaged ones. Its purpose is to restore the chewing function and improve the aesthetic appearance of the face. Depending on the number and quality of lost teeth, there are different design solutions. When the root of the tooth is left in the bone, it is possible to rebuild the entire tooth by making a root insert and then a prosthetic crown. We fill in missing teeth with dentures. Skeletal dentures are recommended because of their smaller size, they are healthier and more comfortable for the patient compared to traditional dentures.